09 February 2010

Announcing OpenECP: Open Elastic Computing Platform

I am pleased to announce the immediate availability of the Open Elastic Computing Platform (OpenECP) Version 4.0 Alpha (openecp-4.0alpha.tar.gz), provisionally tested on Debian GNU/Linux 5.0 (screenshots). This is an open source fork of the Enomaly ECP product following its abrupt commercialisation in November 2009, which resolves a number of serious security vulnerabilities. For more information refer to:

OpenECP is a web-based management platform for Linux-based hypervisors including KVM and Xen which can be used to create "public" and "private" cloud computing environments.

It will always be freely available under the Affero General Public License v3 or similar.

  • Xen, KVM, Qemu, OpenVZ, Amazon EC2 support
  • Multiple OpenECP server support
  • RESTful Web Services API
  • Dashboard with metering, chargeback
  • Automated virtual machine (VM) deployment
Technical support is provided by the community, however as an open source product anyone is free to support and extend it.

This release was forked from the most recent version of Enomaly ECP as at 2010-02-09 (3.0.4 with a number of additional revisions), as distributed under the Affero GPL v3 by Enomaly, Inc. In order to avoid any potential intellectual property issues, all references to Enomaly™ have been scrubbed from the distribution (in the same way that references to RedHat have been purged from CentOS).

The unmodified Enomaly ECP code (enomaly-ecp- is also available along with a non-maintainer release which resolves all known security issues (enomaly-ecp- as it appears that Enomaly have no plans to address these outstanding issues.

Update: Enomaly have responded with this comparison chart (however this changelog proves a common lineage):

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