Apple WWDC Predictions

So it’s Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) today in San Francisco and Steve Jobs will certainly have some new goodies for us Mac junkies, likely:

  • iPhone 2.0
    • Immediately available, probably worldwide, perhaps with new partnerships, probably cheaper again (who ever said being an Apple early adopter wasn’t without its costs?)
    • New toys including 3G, GPS, probably something unexpected
    • Support for native applications via the (excellent) SDK – I was already building these on the first day it was released and it’s already improved significantly with handful of updates
    • App Store in iTunes which means iTunes version bump (and like music et al takes a solid 30% cut on sales)
  • Software Updates
    • iTunes for iPhone stuff
    • OS X 10.6 seeding, but OS X is already pretty good so not holding my breath… maybe some more connection to the cloud including:
  • .Mac Rethink
  • Hardware
    • Nothing that will detract from the iPhone announcement… maybe some refreshes here and there

Anyway we’ll see soon enough.

Update: was pretty much on the money.